2 Pcs Nylon Resistant Bater Heat Rubber Bulb


Heat resistant nylon tube Heat resistant to 450F 230C

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Everyone can be a good chef!

To keep your meat dish as moist as you need it the key is to keep basting.
NOVSIX helps you coat your delicious dish flavorful without drying out as it cooks.
Every guest at the table will be grateful for your dedication .


  • 2 pieces contained.
  • Clear plastic cylinder and rubber bulb.
  • Standard measurement marking.

Heat resistant nylon tube Heat resistant to 450F 230C
Keep meat moist This tool creates powerful suction to retrieve succulent juices from the pan melted butter a marinade or other sauces you want drizzled over the meat
Large durable rubber bulb Squeeze the top and use the suction to absorb the juices as needed to pour over the tukey ham or other dishes
Easy to use Require little pressure or strength to handle Dishwasher safe makes it convenient to deal with the aftermath of your delicious dinner
Measures 11 inches long Reaches down deep into your roasting pans

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